Littleneck Clams

The sweetest, most flavorful of the clam family, these tender Littleneck Clams are perfect for steaming or eating raw on the half-shell. Our Littlenecks are sold by the pound (approx. 12-14 per lb.).
  • One lb. (approx. 12-14) Bag or a Half Bushel of Littleneck Clams
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    Littleneck Clams Reviews

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    Little neck clams
    Dec 5, 2020  |  By Dawn Gruenewald
    4.5 star rating
    I absolutely love you guys. I have purchased the little necks for my brother's birthday and as a Christmas gift to him. Him living in Georgia, he isn't able to get them. He use to live in NY and ate them all the time. I can honestly say. You guys r the best. 100% the best. Thank you very much.

    Littleneck clams
    Nov 23, 2020  |  By Kris Emerson
    4.5 star rating
    Delicious! Highly recommend ordering two orders.

    Nurse Consultant
    Nov 16, 2020  |  By Elizabeth
    4.5 star rating
    Littleneck Clams. My brother, 90, now living in MN loved the clams. He is a Maine native.

    Broken Clams - Think Twice Before Ordering
    Mar 13, 2020  |  By Lisa Horwitch
    4.5 star rating
    I have purchased seafood to be shipped many times from LS. And the experience is typically a great one. For this purchase I ordered two live lobsters p, shrimp, scallops and clams. When all arrived the only disappointment were the clams. In the 1lb bag I had about 10-12 clams. That wasn't the issue. It was that 4 of the clams were broken! I was already worried there would not be enough clams, but now there were even less. My recommendation, Do not order clams to be shipped. It's not worth the cost ratio to the number of viable clams you'll be able to use once they arrive to your doorstep. All the rest of the seafood I ordered was a FIVE star rating and delicious. My guests enjoyed the meal immensely.

    Superior Seafood
    Feb 23, 2020  |  By Mary Dickey
    4.5 star rating
    When I'm craving a seafood dinner I always turn to Legal Seafood. The seafood is the best and it arrives fresh and exactly when I ordered it. The Maine Event is my favorite but have been expanding out to Lobster rolls and lobster tails. They never disappoint and I feel like I'm home when I open the box and fix dinner. They are the best.

    review of seafood and delivery service.
    Jan 7, 2020  |  By charles w sizer
    4.5 star rating
    I purchased a 1/2 bushel of cheery stones & a 2 lb. lobster for my niece in Florida (Tampa). They some how ended up in WA.(wrong zip code) who's fault .most likely mine. But thanks to LISA,she quickly called me and sent a new parcel out to the correct address and it arrived in excellent condition.And for that service I and my family will use this service at Legal SEAFOOD again.sincerely,Charlie sizer (I don't think the lobster was too happy)

    Dec 20, 2019  |  By Kathy
    4.5 star rating
    Loved them. Wished I had 50 more.

    Tasty clams
    Dec 7, 2019  |  By DP
    4.5 star rating
    We received 200 little necks with a harvest date 7 days prior. I was a little worried but the clams were all alive and fresh. There were about 20 broken clams but being flown across the country overnight is to be expected. There were around 3 dozen that I would consider over the little neck size but we steamed them up and enjoyed them. The rest we ate raw. Very tasty clams. I'd buy them again.

    Little Neck
    Nov 16, 2019  |  By Bob
    4.5 star rating
    Wife loves these. I purchased half a bushel had to give some away there were so many.

    May 26, 2019  |  By BRIAN T CLARY
    4.5 star rating

    May 20, 2019  |  By MARK HANSEN
    4.5 star rating

    Little Necks and Scallops
    May 4, 2019  |  By Leslie Williams
    4.5 star rating
    I ordered some little necks and Scallops for friends who took care of my dog for me. The friends were originally from Eastern US and missed the seafood specific to the East Coast. The order arrived exactly when specified and seafood was very fresh. My friends had a feast and were very happy with their treat.

    Jan 14, 2019  |  By Tony Giamis
    4.5 star rating

    I found a pearl in my littleneck clams!
    Aug 10, 2018  |  By Kathryn Grant
    4.5 star rating
    I found a pretty sizable pearl in my clams! I have never had this happen in my lifetime of consuming New England Littleneck Clams! The6 tasted great steemed and the pearl was a gift! Thanks Legal Seafoods! Made my day!

    1/2 bushel
    Jun 4, 2018  |  By Barbara
    4.5 star rating
    Hello, delivery and packaging excellent. However, many of the clams were more like cherrystones than littlenecks.